Testimonials from kids, parents, and teachers

We have received numerous thank-you notes from parents, educators, and children over the years. Thanks to all for your support! We have shown some of the letters below.

“Py Math is the best game for math that a parent and teacher can find. The national standardized math test for 4th grade went up so high after using for a couple of years.” -Math teacher

“Py Game has helped me to get better in my addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I think that Py game is cool. I enjoy playing Py game every chance I get. I an getting better and better in math because of Py game, Thank you” -5th grade student

“My students love to play Py math. They will even play it when we have indoor recess.” -4th grade teacher

“Thank you for inventing Py Game. I’ve already noticed a difference in my daughter’s math skills.” -Parent of 4th grade student

“There is a special magic to seeing a focused and excited group of 2nd graders. Realizing that all of this excitement is a math game is wonderfully amazing. I have taken pictures of students playing this game. Their expressions reflect the enjoyment of the game. Py adapts to where each student is and still is able to stretch each student a bit further. It encourages problem solving and exercises thinking strategies. It encourages peer interaction in a positive way. I have had students choose extra Py math time over a varied array of possibilities, which even included extra recess.” -2nd grade teacher

“It is highly unusual for one game to meet unique learning needs of such a wide range of students abilities! Whether a beginner or an Einstein, Py matched their wits.” -Teachers in Des Moines, Iowa

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are to have Py Game. We got the game as a gift 3 or 4 years ago. We played the game again last night. I am so pleased that you created a game that works for different age levels. First I played with my 9 year old son who is learning multiplication and division. Then I played the basic level game with my 3-year-old son working on the concept of more and less. It is the only game we have that “grows” with my children.” -Parent

“I really like Py game because its a game that I can play over and over again and not get bored. And when I get even better with math, I can play it using division and multiplication.” -2nd grade student

“The Py Game is helping me get better at my multiplication and division. It is also helping me get really good at my plus and minus. My favorite game is all operations of Py game. I taught my 5-year-old sister and my mom how to play. We enjoy playing everyday.” -5th grade student

“Lots of kids dont think math is fun, but they dont realize they are doing math when they play Py game. It is a fantastic game.” -5th grade math teacher.

“Py Game was the best math game that I played in my life. I played it with my mom and I won.” -5th grade student

“If you know the numbers you can play!” -3 year old girl who was teaching her friend how to play the basic game

“Py game is fun for all ages even for grown-ups. It is very fun to play. I just want to get a million of them.” -5th grade student

“Py game is the only game I can play with my daughter who is 9 years old, and while we are playing we have quality time as a family… Otherwise she plays on the computer game alone.” -Parent of 4th grade student

“I like Py Game because it’s the funniest game I have seen I the whole wide world.” -2nd grade student.

“I loved playing Py game. I won twice. Py game is one of the best games ever invented. I wondered how could you invent something like this but you already told me the answer. You said by using your brain you could build a creative masterpiece.” -5th grade student

“Py addresses both sides of that coin by building and reinforcing math skills.” -Principal

“Thank you so much for introducing Py game. Our children love to play Py game. We have been using it everyday in our room since I got it at the workshop. You brought lots of sunshine to our class.” -4th grade teacher

“My class loves the Py Game and they often forget they are learning, too! Thank you so much for the presentation last week. You are truly an inspiration to math lovers.” -5th grade teacher

“My daughter loved playing with this Py game at school and really expressed an interest in getting a game for home. I would get one for her birthday.” -Parent

“Absolute delight for math skills. Kids love to play Py game and challenge themselves.” -3rd grade teacher.

“Py game is indeed remarkable and as a parent it gives me a great pleasure to see my children enjoy playing and learning mathematics with Py game.” -Parent

“I love your new invention Py game. I think it is the best game ever. My mom, dad, sister, and brother all agreed. I think you are a fantastic inventor.” -5th grade student

“My friend and I have been enjoying Py game a lot. I have been learning from the game also. I’ve become much better at math. The game makes it more fun to learn math.” -5th grade student.

“I like the Py Game. I have game at home and I play it every time when I get home from school.” -5th grade student

“I enjoy playing Py with my friends and family. But I almost never win. I let my brother win. Sometimes, mostly I win. Py game helped me get faster in math.” -5th grade student

“I always play in my spare time with my friend. I wish Py could be our part of daily schedule.” -5th grade student

“I think Py game is very fun and I learn a lot. Py is exciting. You are always thinking. That is way I like Py game.” -5th grade student

“Py Game has been a wonderful tool for both increasing students learning of math facts and retention. Students beg to play this game. I know my students are increasing their math knowledge when they are involved in this game. I would recommend this not only for school use but for home use also.” -Title math teacher

“When given a choice of activities to do during an inside recess (due to rainy day, etc.) many students ask if they may play Py math!” -Teacher